About me

Hello! My name is Bart de Graaf, and I was born on December 15, 1970 in Amersfoort, a beautiful ancient town in the middle of the Netherlands. I’ve been living there ever since. I’m not a professional artist, I’m a bus driver.

I’ve been drawing comics for as long as I can remember. On a certain day I was doodling, and made up a character that looked like me. From then on I became my own comic character. I starred in comics for a family news letter, and a company news letter. For fun I posted a few comics on Facebook, and after many positive comments I started a page. That was 2012. At that time Mark was already in my life, so the comic was called Bart and Mark. Every day I shared our lives with my followers. Our relationship, our engagement, our wedding in 2014….and our divorce in 2019. Now the comic is just about me. Well… not exactly.

In the comic there are two children, Harvey and Ellen. They are not real, they suddenly appeared, and well, they decided to stay.

I used to make comics every day, my former job allowed me to do that. Now I post two comics every weekend, and every once in a while I post NSFW comics.